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Philadelphia Park & Recreation’s (PP&R) is proceeding with a forest restoration project in the area we call “Hidden Valley”. (They call the area “Three Springs Hollow”). They selected this area because it has good coverage by a diverse mix of native forest trees and relatively few invasive plants. However, seedling/sapling, shrub and herbaceous vegetation layers are strongly lacking due to continual excessive deer browse. Some of their goals for the project are to:

· Protect a large area of high-quality forest by erecting a deer exclusion fence around a 25-acre block

· Allow for natural regeneration of native forest vegetation in the stand over an extended period

· Augment stand diversity and structure with native plantings

· Facilitate the production of seed from native species that can disseminate to other parts of the park

· Provide high-quality habitat, particularly for forest-dwelling migratory songbirds

· Observe characteristics of the stand over time, apart from the influence of deer browse

The Pennypack Park Trail Alliance (PPTA) is asking the local mountain bike community to understand it’s purpose and support PP&R in their endeavor. After the project’s announcement in late 2013, communication between PP&R and the PPTA began. The PP&R offered us the opportunity to build an exterior perimeter MTB trail along the fence, to compensate for the lost trails inside the fence. The PPTA and the PP&R hope that this offer will be accepted by the mountain bike community and becomes the start of mutually beneficial collaboration and respect between all concerned parties.

Together we can enter a new era, with the Park working beside us, building an approved mountain bike trail. Our acceptance of their restoration project is a positive step toward future trail projects. Remember the PPR knows of all our rogue trails and has the authority to shut them down, but has instead chosen to work with us.

We have contacted South Eastern PA Trail Riders (SEPTR, IMBA’s reps for our area) for their assistance and input in the construction of this trail. Your participation will also be needed, so please join us. Construction dates to be posted on the following:

PPTA Facebook Page

PPTA Facebook Discussion page

Meet Up Page; http://www.meetup.com/mountainbiking/messages/boards/thread/46756542/

Map of the area; http://www.langille.org/tmp/ThreeSpringsHollowDeerFence.pdf

Contact us; pennypackmtb@gmail.com


Have you seen the Connect the Circuit website? Here are some excerpts of their mission statement. Check them out and sign their petition.

Walk out your door and head north or south, east or west, and you can spend all day traveling on the trails of The Circuit – 750 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trail connecting Greater Philadelphia.

When we connect the 750 miles of The Circuit, Greater Philadelphia will have a trail network unlike any other in the country — connecting the urban, suburban and rural communities of the fifth largest metropolitan region in the US.

Missing Man – Where is Mike Rust?

Mike Rust helped pioneer the modern-day mountain bike in the wilds of western Colorado. Then he disappeared after a confrontation on his property, leaving behind the ominous feeling that the vast, empty high desert was no place for old riders.

Read Story Here


The Pennypack Park Trail Advocates are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PennypackParkTrailAdvocates

                           Click Here To See Map Of Pine Rd. & Verree Rd. Parking Lots


 Important News About Trail Closures. Go to the Trail Closures 



Hello mountain bikers.

I just put up this site and hope to use it as a way for us all to communicate about concerns we have with mountain biking in Pennypack Park. We can probably get some photos and short videos up here in time. I still have to figure out some things yet on how all this works. Park trail permits run out on March 31st. and I have a link to take you to online registration or you can print out the form. The online registration site is now working. Non Philly residents are required to pay $20.00 per permit. Residents are encouraged to donate $20.00. The max that anyone can order is 2 permits. You can donate more than what is required it you want.

Leave a comment about, a question you have, something you would like to see here, something you would like published, a link to an article or video, an article you wrote, whatever. Or you could send an email to admin. Check “About” page.

I made a change to the Comments Area again. Comments will be Moderated before posting because I was getting a lot of Spam and other crap.

Events, If you know of or have a biking related event coming up let me know and I will put it on the Events page.

How to Prepare for Your First MTB Race   bicycling.com

Lyme Disease In PA & NJ On The Rise         http://www.lehighvalleylive.com


During recent negotiations on a new transportation bill, the House of Representatives proposed drastic cuts that would hurt bicycling. Their plan would allow states to take federal transportation funds that make roads safer for bicycling and divert them to other uses, without any input from communities like yours.

This means local communities could miss out on the important benefits of bicycling, like reduced road congestion, increased safety, and lower health care costs. It could hurt your bike riding experience, too.

This House initiative threatens to scrap 20 years of steady Congressional support for modest, cost-effective investments that make bicycling a safe transportation choice for Americans. It is a bad idea that must be stopped.

Please contact your two U.S. Senators and one U.S. Representative today. (You can find your representatives, review basic suggested text for your email, and send your note directly from this link above.) Urge them to back the Senate’s sensible proposal (learn more here) to assure the participation of local government leaders in key transportation decisions about bicycling.











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