Water Rescue In The Park

                                   April 21, 2012. The geese go at it at Krewstown Rd.

5 thoughts on “Water Rescue In The Park

  1. When I need a pick me up this is one the videos I like to watch. My favorite part is when the camera person causes a bike accident and only says, “..sorry there’s commotion here!” and then total ignores him as he rolls around on the asphalt. That is classic.

    • I was riding in the park that day but came on the scene after it was over and did not know what all had happened until I saw the video. You are the first to comment on the site about that part of the video but others have commented in person to me. That guy looked like he was in some real pain. Thanks for the comment.

  2. nature and wildlife have gotten by for centuries without my help. it is like the old say, ” only the strong survive “. or even better, ” life feeds on life”.

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