Hurricane Sandy

Trail Condition Information

If you have any information or photos about trail conditions and want it posted here send an email to the admin found on the About page. I might do some editing of your post to remove names because this website is viewable by the public.

As far as using a chain saw goes, let your conscience be your guide. Without permission from PPR it should not be used and your taking a chance of getting into trouble. But then us mountain bikers are risk takers and they can save many hours of work.


A lot of work was done in Hidden Valley on Sat. A tree had fallen on the bridge (metal door) at the last stream crossing and the trail was rerouted. The rerouting added a little distance to the trail and made it a little more challenging and fun. Enjoy it! Thank you J, M & C.



I was in the Playground today. It was devastated by Sandy. Large trees down everywhere and debris covering the trail. A lot of work was done but a lot more to go before it can be completely ridden. Riding in the dark, you will loose your way. I don’t know how the rest of the park is but it always seems as if the Playground gets the most damage of anywhere else in the park from storms.      Admin.


Hi Everyone… I rode Penny Pack I guess I may have been one of the tracks ???? saw.. I did the entire usual loop minus nature center / water bars section.. Ran out of time.. A lot of trees far as I know there have been only two groups working on it.. ???? and ???? did a great job clearing out first section at Pine Road.. Jeep trail after Verree Rd blocked.. But you can still shoot to right up the hill. At John’s bridge.. The big hill across paved is completely blocked by tree.. Have to go down to stream and walk around.. Multiple trees down in the triplets… The downhill after triplets that we shoot across.. Two trees down and big one is covered with poison oak.. Careful carrying bikes across it..if you decide to avoid downhill and go to right.. That way blocked by two trees also.. Huge trees.. Not sure how anyone will be able to cut thru them. I came across ???? working near Krewstown Rd.. He cut up and cleared a lot of that section.. Only one tree down with roots and ???? created a go around… All other trees down were snapped off sections.. No go with playground both entrances blocked and never made it to check out Hidden Valley.. As for mud… No problem with leaves covering it.      Meet Up Member

11/3/12 One of several crews out that day.

??? did some trail cleaning by myself on Wednesday!  Cleared the north side of trail on environmental center side!  I only cleared single track past Thoreau’s hut, and over the bridge to grandmother’s house!  Wait, I meant just over the bridge, straight up the hill, and then a quick left!  Lot of smaller trees down!  Used hand saws to clear most of the trees!  Even made a nice log ramp-over!  Hope you like it, and no one takes it down!  On Saturday, I took about 7 peeps from boot camp, and cleared the tree on the south side, going toward the stream crossing from pine road!  Its been there a while, but more trees blocked the area!  We cleared a path straight through the double track!  All hand saws, and hard work!  


??? just wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone who has put aside their own plans and have come out to get our trails back to riding conditions. You guys have done a great job and I am very appreciative of the hard work and time that has been spent getting the trails back to how they were.. If it weren’t for you.. the trails would be unrideable. I hope those who chose not to help, make an effort to say thank you to those on working on the trails when they see them. You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you


We need to thank J & P for all the time and work they have put in to get the trails cleaned up & rideable again. Thank You from the riders of PPP.

We can thank Denise (Meetup craziegirl) for the 14 photos above.



6 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. We are getting reports that the popular trails are pretty much cleared and ready to ride. If you know of an area still needing work, please leave a message here.

  2. Most of Warbler hill is now open. You can pretty much ride all the play ground with the exception of one tree. We were too tired yesterday to build anything more. However the playground has some all new challenging added features, thank you Hurricane Sandy.

  3. Fire road and smaller connecting trails blocked by many large trees between Bustleton and Kruztown Road (South side-paved path side). Also, a small section of fire road blocked by large tree at Bustleton leading to/from creek cross-over. Everything else I rode today was good (as far as I remember). Great job clearing the trails.

  4. 11/4/12 Did some clearing yesterday, going back over to ride and see what is left to do. I am too sore to really do anything heavy today, but will walk sections I skipped yesterday. I did not go to Hidden Valley or section after. I will let you know what I find. jsr

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