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11 thoughts on “Mountain Bikers Forum

  1. How about marking trails like ski slopes? They all shouldn’t be dumbed down for beginners and neither should they all be too difficult. I enjoy the challenge yet sometimes I just want a casual ride.

    PMBA- Do not do what was done to Wiss. You turned MTB trails into bike paths in some sections. I don’t think anyone enjoys that. If you aren’t up to the trails, there are fire roads on either side of the creek to ride.

  2. I’m just seeing who wants it to continue as it has, or see the trails become user friendly so any level can ride any trail. I believe if this happens there will be no challenge. Just if you ride fast. I just don’t see any use for PMBA except they are free to ride and help maintain the trails. We don’t want to see them altered, made easier and wider. There are easy trails out and back on both sides of the creek already, we don’t need to make anymore beginner trails.
    When we first started to ride, we stayed on the trails in our comfort zone. As we progressed we sought out the more challenging trails, and walked through any section of trail that was beyond out ability. Eventually all beginners progress anyway, to make the existing trails easier would make the trails less desirable as a MTB destination.

    • I like the trails how they are. I see no reason to change anything with exception of re-routes through sensitive area’s which have been identified. I think PMBA should work with the PPTA and have the PPTA involved at every aspect of any changes. I like the idea of keeping everything as is and perhaps mark which trails are more difficult then others. Like Brett said there are plenty fire roads to get miles in if singletrack is not your thing. I believe in my talks most people want it to remain the same and have an organization outside of PMBA control (but PMBA to work with the PPTA) trail issues of the day.

  3. Trail Issues
    on: May 1, 2012, 08:09

    By now, most riders have heard of some type of trail issues going on in the Park. We are trying to get an accurate picture of what people want before speaking out. We need you the MTBer’s support to shape the future of the trails.

    What we do know is PMBA has established a relationship with the Park and has a small trail project planned in June. I do not know what their agenda is after that. This is where we need to hear it from you of what you want to see. Your comet can help.

    I think how things are now are fine and to let some out side people come on and make changes is not in my interest. It’s hard to make a call when we don’t know what they have planned, but if we know what you want, then we can say yes or no with numbers.

  4. We have been informed by PPR some of the trails we all love to ride, go through sensitive areas.. We are currently trying to negotiate a resolution rather than loose these trails. PPR has already walked through these areas with us and a possible solutions to save most of these trails is waiting for approval. It seems the decisions by PPR on the trails are not happening fast enough to keep up with everyones enthusiasm and the great weather is playing a part too.

  5. PPTA
    on: March 26, 2012, 16:14

    To quote Mike'”The goal is to have the PPR sanction the trails as we know them now, which they do not.Once sanctioned then we need to work with the PPR to allow trail work. The PPTA has been established to work on this arrangement”.

    The PPTA will then under the direction of the PPR work towards arranging the approved trail work to begin. All interested parties will be kept informed of where, how and when of the trail work. The PPR is only trying to get a handle on what is going on in the park and wants to educate us on trail usage and maintenance. They are concerned about how wide they are getting and rutting. They have also expressed concern of some popular trails that go through sensitive areas. We are presently trying to get approval to reroute them, rather than loose them.

  6. Hi all, nice site. Thanks for the updates. I will be back on the trails next week. Hopefully they will dry out from yesterday.


  7. You will now begin to see some of the resolutions in reference to the trails very soon. This is in response to the issues addressed during the walk through with the PPR. The problem was the “Density and traffic” in the area. Recently the area has grown even wider. This is in the warbler hill area. Please do not try to change the trail back.

    Please if you have any suggestions or comments, leave them here and we will try to respond to any reasonable comment, or suggestion.

  8. I just cut out one of the downed trees near the Enviornmental center. The trail is rideable if you have a 15″ bunnyhop. The remaining tree is a foot thick and too much for my folding saw. I also got another fallen tree cut past Verree about halfway to the horse farm so that is rideable as well.

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