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Header & Background photos by Brett Downs (champion BMX’r)

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  1. In the lower park , which I have to ride to reach pine rd, the quads are really tearing up the trails and causing deep ruts which retain a lot of water. I’ve noticed quads at the pine rd area, but not as much. It’s my understanding that they are not allowed in the park or for that matter in the Philadelphia area. I’ve talk to some park rangers and they say there’s not much they can do and the Philadelphia police are not allowed to pursue them. Last week 2/18/13 I noticed 1 quad and two dirt bikes at the Verree rd area, the problem is moving up to the Verree/Pine rd. area and they can really damage the trails. Is there anything that can be done?

  2. Some of us have put in hundreds of hours just to keep those trails open. We almost do more clean up on the trails then we get to ride them. We always can use more help if your interested. Let us know.
    Please understand that when you put a lot of work into a trail to make it fun to ride, how disappointing it is to come back to find it altered. So all we are asking is for is for all trail users to respect the trails.
    We are presently trying to establish a network to ride for all levels. Please understand this takes the cooperation of the PPR to establish. I hate politics and just want to ride also. Just like you, but we are doing something about it and we encourage you to contact us.

  3. Maybe you should focus on fixing the mud puddles instead of worrying about the old guard being unhappy & the trails being blown wide open! The trails are a mess.


    • I have not been in the park for several weeks for various reasons but I’m sure the trails are a mess. Rains, high winds all the usual stuff we get to crap up the trails. There is no full time, part time or any time work crew assigned to or responsible for working on the trails. It’s all done by loosely organized MTBR’s. There is an organized effort to work on trails 2 or 3 times a year with a large group of volunteers but mostly just by a few people working here and there. We know there are some places that always get muddy after a rain and could use some work done so they drain better and stay dryer. Fixing these mud puddles so rider’s bikes don’t get dirty is not the responsibility of any one person or group. No one can give you a time frame as to when the mud puddles will be fixed. I like dry trails too so when I think it might be too wet I will avoid those trails or ride the paved trail. If you think of some way to improve on a specific problem area wright another comment or suggestion.

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